Englander specializes in manufacturing accurate metal stampings in large quantities for a wide range of fields: automotive, electrical, electronic etc. In addition to metal stampings in a variety of materials, Englander ​also specializes in cutting, bending and deep draw parts.


Englander has special expertise in co-developing sub-assemblies, including OEM and Tier 1 with its customers in the automotive industry.

Englander is a strong partner from the early concept stage, through design and development and all the way to prototypes and mass production.

Sub-assemblies include precision stamped parts, die-castings, turned parts, plastic parts, and purchased parts (according to customer specifications) special coatings and precision assembly as well as using all welding technologies at the company’s plant under a rigorous QA inspection process.

Additional processes are performed by top quality subcontractors worldwide and conform to customer’s precise expectations.


Englander’s manufacturing expertise covers a range of materials:
Steels, stainless steel, aluminium, cooper, gold, silver, etc.
in thicknesses from 0.05 mm – 5 mm.

Stainless Steel
Englander has wide experience in the stamping and forming of all types of stainless steels, as well as additional processes such as projection and robotic welding, riveting, joining and assembly.

Advanced R&D Materials
Using sophisticated research and development processes, Englander conducts studies of material processing such as magnesium stamping and the use of other unique materials. Through this R&D process, we provide our customers with the latest technology, assistance in selecting materials and product optimization services.


Englander’s expert services include producing prototypes and all other special requirements made by our customers. We also test different materials and coatings for limited serial production and work with our customers all the way through from zero to serial production in parallel with tool design and development processes.