About us


Dies Industries J. Englander LTD

Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel (1948), Englander began manufacturing tools and dies to support the needs of the fledgling industry of the young state. Since its inception, Englander has been involved in all fields of production and has specialized in manufacturing precision-stamped metal parts and tools.

Over the years, Englander has gained experience and know-how by supplying a wide range of products for the growing industry in Israel. Englander is currently exporting over 80% of its production worldwide.

Backed by over seven decades of experience in meeting the demanding requirements of leading manufactures, Englander offers a proven performance record.

Our excellent staff is ready to assist your company at all stages – from product launch to post production including: R&D, initial part design, co-development, prototyping, production, and cost reduction.


Englander is the perfect subcontracting partner for your tools, dies, precision-stamped metal parts and assemblies.

Englander is proud of its respected reputation for reliability and top-quality tools, dies and stamped parts in Israel and all over the world.

Facilities and Production

Englander is located in an environmentally friendly industrial area. The plant, which occupies approximately 8000 square meters of modern facilities, is equipped with the latest tool and dies manufacturing capabilities. Englander also maintains a logistics center in Germany, ensuring Just-in-Time delivery to customers in Europe.

Englander’s engineering department offers its customers knowledge and state-of-the-art technology with an accumulated experience in metal processing.
Close cooperation between our engineering department and customer R&D enables the development of the most efficient concept in a cost effective way.
Our flexible die design capabilities allow Englander to respond quickly to customers demands.

Englander’s policy is to develop a long lasting fruitful cooperation with its clients based on the uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability and competitive prices.

In the recent years, Englander has been expanding its expertise to sub-assemblies high range of precise products.

Highlights of Our Production Facilities:

  • ● Fully equipped modern tooling department, enabling design and development from concept to product
  • ● Fully automated computerized production department ranging from 5 to 400 ton
  • ● Computerized quality control department
  • ● CAD/CAM technology
  • ● IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, HSAS 18001:2007

Capabilities and Services

  • ● Precision-stamped metal parts and sub-assemblies
  • ● Tools and stamping dies
  • ● Secondary operations as: deburring, riveting, tapping, welding, assembly
  • ● External services such as: heat treatments, brazing, and surface treatment, coating, painting

Community Engagement

Englander has taken on a special mission – to execute subcontracting jobs through companies and associations employing disabled people. A significant proportion of Englander’s assembly, packing and inspection operations have been executed in this way for many years. We are in daily contact with these associations and companies and constantly try to expand our cooperative activities.

Englander and its team have been supporting high school robotic students and is proud to witness their international and local success in award winning competitions.


Englander is currently serving over 50 satisfied customers in Europe from various industries such as:

  • ● Automotive OEM and Tier 1 customers
  • ● Electrical and Electronic Industries
  • ● Health and Medicine
  • ● Food Industry

Englander is currently exporting over 80% of its production to Europe and the US to world known customers such as: VW AG, BMW, Magna Group, Woco Group, Hanon, Rittal and many others.